• URA Hilton Deputation March 20th. An update to the December 12th 2023 posting. On December 15th 2023, the developer appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal due to the lack of a City decision on their application within statutory timelines. URA has been granted participant status for the hearing, and we will work with the two other parties to the appeal (City of Markham, adjacent Condo Corp) to ensure our concerns are covered. On March 20, URA deputed to Council outlining our concerns about anomalies (eg lack of an interim report and lack of input from Unionville Subcomittee) in the City’s review process and repeating our position that the proposed development must be judged against an updated Secondary Plan. Until the Secondary Plan is finalized, we cannot ascertain if the Hilton proposal represents good planning.
  • Deputation re minor changes to York Downs East Parcel. Jan 29th 2024. URA deputed to ensure all the conditions associated with the 2019 OLT decision were carried forward to this new ZBA application.


  • Submission to the study on regional governance as overseen by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “On May 6th 2019 the URA made a deputation to the Provincial panel reviewing regional government at that time. We expressed concern about the lack of evidence that amalgamation produces cost savings, concerns on downloading and access to local democracy. We believe that this submission is equally relevant in the context of your committee’s deliberations.”
  • Feb 27th 2023 Deputation re Watford Group redevelopment proposal for East side Main Street Unionville.
  • URA Deputation Dec 12th 2023 to DSC Re Hilton Development.  Hilton Markham Suites Ltd. has proposed a 5-tower mixed use complex with 3049 residential units. A staff report to DSC recommended approval of the application, despite it greatly exceeding the densities specified in the recommended concept of the draft Markham Centre Secondary Plan. URA expressed concerns with the staff recommendation, as the higher density would impair liveability (parks, schools, traffic etc). DSC agreed to refer the file to the Unionville Subcommittee which will examine this proposal in the light of an updated secondary plan and other recent approvals in the area.




  • Kingdom Developments (Sheridan). May 24, 2020. Deputation to DSC expressing concern over height, density , parkland and timing of the application.
  • One Piece Developments. 28 Main St. Unionville. May 11, 2020. URA deputed to DSC expressing concerns with building height and above grade parking, and suggested an alternative.
  • Community Benefit Charges and Parkland. April 28, 2020. Concerns about Province’s Community Benefits Charge plans under Bill 108. The particular concern relates to parkland acquisition from new developments, especially in high density areas.


  • Unionville Presbyterian Church seniors housing. July 3, 2019. Unionville Presbyterian Church has proposed that affordable seniors housing be constructed on part of their property at 600 Village Pkwy. URA supports a feasibility study.
  • Regional Government Review. May 6, 2019. URA made a deputation to the Provincial panel reviewing regional government. We expressed concern about the lack of evidence that amalgamation produces cost savings, concerns on downloading and access to local democracy.


  • York Downs, Sept 9, 2018. URA deputed to DSC raising questions about public access to information and reports.
  • York Downs development. June 25, 2018. We listed our our major concerns of traffic, the mixed use block, the high rise block and TRCA signoff. We also urged Council to make public immediately any decisions that are made
  • Times Group Block 3. May 14, 2018. Our concern was to not approve until Secondary Plan completed. Key questions were traffic, density, office space and parkland
  • URA deputed on the Future Urban Area. January 23, 2018. We were generally supportive of the land use plan and the population target. Our concerns related to City data showing that growth in Markham is well above provincial targets. This raises concerns on growth management to maintain liveability and quality of life.
  • Is Markham growing too quickly? January 19, 2018. URA presented a report to Markham Council indicating, using the City’s own numbers, that Markham’s population growth was well above provincial targets. This raises the concern of maintaining or improving quality of life, or “liveability”


  • York Downs. Dec 11, 2017. Deputation regarding our concerns with this major redevelopment, focusing on unit count and traffic.
  • York Downs development. March 20, 2017. URA made a deputation on this large proposed development immediately adjacent to our boundary. We listed 9 unanswered questions and concerns.. Our concerns were: Traffic on 16th Avenue and Kennedy Rd, Internal Collector Road Network, Transit Support, Trail System, Affordable Housing, Storm Water Management, Tree Preservation, Area Specific Development Charges.

2016 and 2015

2014 and earlier

  • Markham Centre Development Corp. May 6, 2014. Our deputation opposed this application due to the lack of an updated secondary plan and the fact that growth was exceeding infrastructure.
  • Population Projections for Markham Centre and Ward 3. May 6, 2014. In a Powerpoint Presentation, URA gave results showing that existing and proposed residential population was well ahead of plan. Transportation infrastructure was behind pace. Recommendations included immediately updating the Markham Centre Secondary Plan and reviewing the city-wide pace of development.
  • Unionville Main Street Land use Policy Changes. Feb 4, 2014. URA supported changes to the core Secondary Plan and the Zoning Bylaw to allow restaurant and retail expansion.
  • The Arena December 2, 2013. Markham Sports, Entertainment and Cultural Centre (“Arena”).Our deputation indicated that our members were strongly opposed to any involvement by the City in the ownership, development and financing of the MSECC. We were open to negotiations continuing on this basis.
  • The Arena January 15, 2013. Markham Sports, Entertainment and Cultural Complex (“Arena”). Issues with Financial Framework.
  • The Arena November 22, 2012. Markham Sports, Entertainment and Cultural Complex (“Arena”). Concerns with Ownership, Development, Financing and Site Plan.
  • The Arena October, 2012. Member survey about the arena. Markham Sports, Entertainment and Cultural Complex (“Arena”).