Pre 2015 Minutes

Meetings & Minutes Pre-2015
November 3, 2014 Members Meeting. York Downs, Markham Population Growth

November 3, 2014 AGM.

June 2, 2014. Multi-venue Business Complex, Unionville Main St. Master Plan, Population Forecasts, Designation for French Services

April 7, 2014. Unionville Main St. Master Plan, Section 37 Potential Projects, Markham Centre Development Corp, Markham Public Library, GO Transit Horn Mitigation, University Campus, Litchfield Rd

March 3, 2014. Main Street Unionville, York Downs, Cell Phone Tower Carleton & Village Parkway, Litchfield Developments, Hildebrand Property

February 3, 2014. Main St. Unionville
November 4, 2013 Members Meeting. Main St. Unionville, Highway 7 North, GO Horn, Draft Official Plan, Transit Funding, Toogood Pond geese, Markham Sports and Entertainment Centre, Birchmount Road Extension, Carleton Rd/Village Parkway Traffic Calming, Cell Towers

November 4, 2013 AGM

October 7, 2013. MSECC Arena, GO Train Horn, Carleton/Village Parkway Cell Tower

September 9, 2013. 28 Main Street, MSECC Arena, Draft Official Plan, Stiver Mill, Varley Plaza Redevelopment, Toogood Pond Improvements, Traffic calming, Emerald Ash Borer, Highway 7 North

June 3, 2013. Markham Centre developments, Bill 41 (OMB), Toogood Pond rehabilitation, 16th Ave to Bob Hunter pathway, Casino

April 8, 2013. Review of Markham Draft Official Plan, Traffic Calming

March 4, 2013. MSECC Arena, Highway 7 North, Stiver Mill, GTHA Transit Funding

February 4, 2013. Highway 7 North, Storm Water Management, MSECC Arena, Varley Plaza

January 7, 2013. MSECC Arena, Varley Plaza, GO Train Horn, Highway 7 North, Sheridan Nurseries Redevelopment, Stiver Mill Restoration
20122011 and earlier
-October 15, 2012. Although no minutes are available, the discussion focused on the “Arena”, with two presentations.
(a) Overview
(b) Survey, Financial Framework, Issues

-September 10, 2012. Although no minutes are available, the discussion focused on the “Arena” with a presentation on the financial arrangement and risks
November 26, 2007. Rejuvenation of the URA